Call for Abstracts

OIS Research Conference 2024
21-23, May | The Shard, London

We invite you to join the discussion about the role and value of openness and collaboration in scientific research at the upcoming 5th OIS Research Conference. The 2024 special conference theme focuses on Zeroing in on the scientist: Navigating dynamic challenges in the modern research landscape. Hence, we will discuss the nuanced interplay between required capabilities, individual actions and demands from the team, organizational, and societal levels for aligning scientific pursuits with broader societal needs, whilst embracing the expanding role of AI in science. We aim to contribute to the broader discourse around the potential and challenges of open and collaborative research practices by centering the discussion on the heart of scientific progress — the individual scientist.

Submissions both empirical and conceptual in nature are welcome. Abstracts (250-500 words in length) can be submitted to one of three tracks:

Track 1: Open and collaborative approaches along the entire scientific research process, including opportunities, challenges, and contingency factors. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • crowdfunding/crowdsourcing science and citizen science
  • open data/material sharing/re-use
  • OIS approaches to translating science into practice, science-industry relations, academic entrepreneurship
  • platforms facilitating OIS

Track 2: Ecosystems and organizational designs facilitating or constraining open and collaborative research approaches. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • institutional factors
  • local and national policies
  • intellectual property rights
  • incentive and impact measurement systems

Track 3: Micro-foundations of open and collaborative research approaches. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • scientists’ motives for engaging in OIS
  • skills and capabilities for OIS
  • attitudes and beliefs supporting or blocking OIS
  • characteristics and motives of institutional entrepreneurs

Submissions related to this year’s special conference theme regarding scientists navigating the dynamic challenges in the modern research landscape are additionally welcomed.

Please also note that:

  • we welcome abstracts from both early-stage and advanced research projects.
  • the paper of the submitted abstract must not have been accepted for journal publication.
  • participating in the conference requires either getting an abstract accepted for presentation at the OIS Research Conference 2024 or being invited to actively contribute as a speaker, discussant, panelist, or session facilitator.

Given that this year’s conference will once again be implemented in a hybrid format, we will additionally enable online participation in selected sessions for a broader audience. More information on this will be shared together with the conference program in February.

Researching OIS includes investigating whether, how, and under which conditions applying open and collaborative practices along one or more stages of the scientific research process influences the productivity and societal impact of scientific research, taking a balanced view that recognizes important contingency factors on the individual, organizational, and ecosystem-level.

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To submit your abstract, please use this link:

The submission deadline is January 15. All submissions will be reviewed by the Organizing Team, and information on abstract acceptance and conference registration will be provided by email by January 31.


Submission deadline: January 15, 2024.



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