Zeroing in on the Open Innovation in Science Conference

Navigating the Dynamic Challenges of Organizing a Conference

by Susanne Beck and Marion Poetz, 20/05/2024

This year, we’re getting personal! In the past, we discussed open and collaborative practices in science, the use of AI in research, and the synergies and tensions around impact. This year, we’re shifting our focus to the individual scientist, addressing the personal and professional challenges we face in our evolving, open and collaborative research landscapes.

For the fifth OIS Research Conference, we are ascending to one of the tallest buildings in Europe: London’s „The Shard“. Thanks to WBS for enabling us to host this year’s conference in this fantastic space!

As always, we are committed to honoring our gathering’s location. For months, we’ve been searching for the perfect venue for our conference dinner, and we believe we’ve found it in Mercato Metropolitano, a vibrant sustainable food market in the heart of London. There will be plenty of space for exchanging thoughts and even more food to enjoy.

To ensure everything is up and running, we’re working until the last minute, preparing the conference bags and checking all print outs one last time, to make the OIS Research Conference a unique experience for all of us. Bringing the popular Zotter chocolate from Austria to the conference was a special challenge this year as we are organizing the event outside the European Union for the first time. But since not even customs could stop us, it’s bound to be great!

We look forward to a fantastic keynote, exciting paper sessions, an inspiring panel debate, and, last but not least, you—a great community: As in previous years, participants will collaborative engage in an OIS Experiment and provide feedback on all contributions to help advance our research and spark new ideas.

So, let’s zero in on us and meet with dear colleagues and friends!

Looking forward to seeing you again (very) soon.

Marion & Susanne


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